What Is Another Name For A Pole Saw?

Did you know that a pole saw is not just called a pole saw? Surprisingly, there is another name for this essential gardening tool that you may not be aware of. A pole saw is also commonly known as a tree pruner. This versatile tool allows you to easily trim and prune trees without the need for a ladder or climbing equipment. So, whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting your gardening journey, understanding the different names for tools like a pole saw can help you communicate effectively and find the right equipment for your needs.

Definition of a Pole Saw

A pole saw is a specialized gardening tool that is used for pruning and trimming trees, branches, and shrubs. It consists of a saw blade or chainsaw at the end of a long pole, allowing you to easily reach high branches without the need for a ladder or climbing the tree. Pole saws are a popular choice for both professional gardeners and homeowners due to their versatility and ease of use.

Meaning and Purpose of a Pole Saw

The main purpose of a pole saw is to safely and efficiently prune and trim trees. Pruning is an essential part of tree maintenance as it helps promote healthy growth, remove dead or diseased branches, improve the tree’s overall appearance, and prevent potential hazards, such as falling branches. A pole saw allows you to perform these tasks without needing to climb the tree, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Types of Pole Saws

There are several types of pole saws available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most commonly used types:

Alternate Names for a Pole Saw

While “pole saw” is the most widely used term for this gardening tool, there are several alternate names you might come across. These alternative terminologies are often used interchangeably to refer to the same type of tool.

Pole Pruner

A pole pruner is another name for a pole saw. This name emphasizes the pruning function of the tool, highlighting its ability to effectively trim and shape trees and shrubs. The term “pole pruner” is often used in the professional gardening and arborist communities.

Tree Trimmer

As the name suggests, a tree trimmer is a tool designed specifically for trimming trees. It is often used to remove overgrown or unruly branches and maintain the overall shape and appearance of the tree. The term “tree trimmer” is commonly used by homeowners and landscape professionals.

Long Reach Chainsaw

A long reach chainsaw is a type of pole saw that is equipped with a chainsaw blade instead of a traditional saw blade. This allows for more efficient cutting of thicker branches and tree limbs. The term “long reach chainsaw” emphasizes the extended reach and cutting power of the tool.

Extendable Chainsaw

Similar to a long reach chainsaw, an extendable chainsaw is designed to provide additional reach when trimming or pruning trees. The key feature of this type of pole saw is its extendable pole, allowing you to adjust the length according to your needs. The term “extendable chainsaw” highlights the tool’s versatility and adaptability.

Telescopic Chainsaw

A telescopic chainsaw is another name for an extendable chainsaw. The term “telescopic” refers to the telescoping pole, which can be adjusted and locked at various lengths. This type of pole saw is ideal for reaching high branches and tackling larger pruning jobs.

Pruning Saw

A pruning saw is a more general term used to describe a saw that is used for pruning tasks. While it can refer to various types of hand saws, it is sometimes used interchangeably with a pole saw. The term “pruning saw” emphasizes the tool’s ability to effectively trim, shape, and maintain plants, trees, and shrubs.

Extendable Pruning Saw

An extendable pruning saw is similar to an extendable chainsaw, but it features a traditional saw blade instead of a chainsaw blade. This type of pole saw is commonly used for lighter pruning tasks and is well-suited for smaller branches and shrubs. The term “extendable pruning saw” emphasizes the extendable pole feature and the tool’s pruning capabilities.


In conclusion, a pole saw is a versatile and efficient tool for pruning and trimming trees and shrubs. While it is commonly referred to as a “pole saw,” it is worth noting that there are several alternative names that can be used interchangeably. Whether you call it a pole pruner, tree trimmer, long reach chainsaw, or telescopic chainsaw, the primary purpose of the tool remains the same – providing a safe and effective way to maintain the health, appearance, and safety of your trees. So, whatever name you choose, adding a pole saw to your gardening toolkit can make tree maintenance tasks much easier and more enjoyable. Happy pruning!